Banyan Network

No.1 Global Data Fusion Value Network

Project Introduction

         Banyan Network is a fusion of big data network based on blockchain technology called Data Fusion Value Chain Network (DVN). It is also the world’s first distributed ecosystem of data economies raised and built by team experts in the field of data analytics. Banyan Network covers data collection, cleansing, integration, and applications of complete business chains, developed theories such as “three laws of data value” and mechanisms such as “tripartite model”. Our goal is to focus on blockchain enabled trusted data connection, third-party data integration and governance, data applications and open market development, building a positive interactive value-linked network of data benefits by establishing standards, providing channels, and issuing tokens.

Core Team

David Zhou CEO

Canadian, University of Waterloo, head of MIT incubator, serial entrepreneur, Venture partner of Gorvest Capital

Zhuoying Li Chief Scientist

National Taiwan University/Georgia Institute of Technology, focusing on mathematical models and blockchain networks

Kelvin Long Head of China

Peking University/Stanford University,Oracle Chief Middleware Engineer, founder of UnionPay Smart, editor of Blockchain – Reshaping the New Finance, the blockchain project of HPB, LOOPRING consultant

Joe Liu Tech Lead China

Tsinghua University / California Institute of Technology,Oracle Chief Backend Database Engineer, founder of the U.S.based internet company Yottalands

Shannon Zhao Architect Engineer of China

10 years of experience in big data architecture, fully implemented the connection of transaction records for UnionPay Smart, big data platforms, intelligent marketing, designs of credit and risk management application platform architecture, and system construction

Henry Li Senior Software Developer of China

7 years of experience in system design and software development, proficient in cloud computing and big data-related technologies and applications; worked at a number of well-known companies and successfully developed a cloud platform for data models

Helen Dai BD of China

10 years of experience in the marketing industry and 5 years of experience in deepening big data services in the automotive industry; worked at Alibaba, Toutiao, and China Resources Group, enriching customer, strategic, and collaborator resources

Ryan Gao Strategy of China

9 years of experience in strategic management, data standards, construction of governance and security compliance systems; worked at SIST and UnionPay Smart; resourceful in public relations and partnerships

Advisory Team

Daniel Wang

Chairman of the Loopring Foundation

Bob Wang

Founder of HPB

Qingwei Shi

Founder of Share Finance

Jinxin Li

Blockchain team researcher of Guotai Junan Securities

Hongfei Tian

Partner of Green Pine Capital

Albert Wang

Founder of PatPat

Jian Chen

President of FICO China

Zipei Tu

CEO of China Unicom big data company

Zhenjun Li

CEO of China Unicom big data company

Feng Li

Founding partner of FREES FUND

Yue Dong

Angel investor, senior technical consultant of public company

Cheng Xiao

Founder of SiGui, big data and data security expert

Angel Investors

Loopring Foundation HPB Share Finance Loopring Foundation HPB Share Finance
Share Finance Share Finance

Multi-Trust Connector

The first landing application project of data security compliance scenario.


Connecting commercial application terminals and data source servers, providing online real-time authorization and inspection services.

Each report authorization will be stored permanently on the block chain to achieve tamper-proofing public trust standards.

Possess full intellectual property rights of safety compliance and technology, offer unique advantage to the individual authorization scene.

Project Plan

  • Feasibility study of connecting and merging multiple big data sources

  • Initial architect design of DVN

  • Core team formed,and architecture consensus reached

  • White Paper Completed

  • Developed the Open Source Code

  • Developed the Intelligent Contract

  • Building the first the Scenario Application

  • DVN First open source project

  • DVN First Application Online

Join Banyan


        Banyan Tree is an amazing plant in nature, with its roots connected, branches and leaves expanded, one branch can form a relatively independent small ecosystem. Banyan Tree’s survival patterns and data industry patterns are very similar. The "Banyan Network" is literally understood as a network of "banyan trees" linked to each other, and banyan is pronounced “rongshu” in Chinese, homophonic with the words of fusion data, extended to the peer-to-peer concept of " Data Fusion Value Chain Network ".

        Banyan Network is based on the principle of open, block-chain technology to the central data application platform, through the open source code, intelligent contract, our partners form a tight relationship with us to build a stronger inter-connected data chain, and ultimately form an ecosystem that can maximize the value of our data network. As more big data sources fuses into the Banyan Network, the ecosystem will grow bigger and broader applications applied to different industries.

         Join us, embrace unlimited possibilities of block chain, big data and artificial intelligence.